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Tips & Tricks: How to enable Monitoring?

The Monitoring feature allows you to analyze outages and health performance. It monitors the availability of SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online Search services 24x7.  Service includes a highly-scalable and highly-available cloud based probe service to ensure accurate tracking and reporting. 

Capability includes:

• Real-time service availability and performance monitoring

• Monitors service uptime and availability from different geographic locations independently

• Configurable service outage alerts can be sent automatically to administrators and help desk contacts

This feature is an add-on that needs to be purchased separately and is not included in any subscriptions. 


To configure the Monitoring please follow the steps below1

Click ‘My Organization’ in the upper right menu:

  1. Select 'Settings' tab. 
  2. Under 'Office365 Monitoring Info' add the Exchange mailbox and/or the Sharepoint site URL2 that should be monitored.  


     3. Since the service is provided by a third party you need to give the consent to retrieve the data. Please access the CoreView portal using the Exchange Mailbox that should be monitored, and you will see the pending request for the consent under My Organization > Settings > Office365Monitoring.

     4. Moreover, you should log into Office365Mon site with the exchange mailbox used to be monitored and activate Monitoring Search by providing a query in KQL that you’d like to use3. This is necessary to see the data in the reports starting from the Crawl Latency and below that show how long it takes to perform queries on SharePoint. Please check more details about it taken from Office365Mon website:

"You can configure a query that should be executed against the search service. You can set a latency threshold, and queries that take longer than that will trigger a notification. In addition, you can also have a notification sent when the search results change. We achieve this with a one-way hash that is consistent with our policy of not storing user data or credentials. Important: if you don't check one of the boxes below to send notifications, then the query part of the search service will not be monitored!

Only Keyword Query Language (KQL) queries are supported, and only those that can be issued via query string. For more details on creating a KQL query please see and for the special requirements when using it programmatically like we do please see For monitoring the service you only need to enter the KQL that is used in the query string. For example to search for all content that contains the word Corvette, you would enter the KQL querytext='corvette'.”

   5. Once the configuration is completed, it could take few minutes to retrieve all the data. 



  1. This configuration can be performed only by the Tenant Admin of CoreView portal. 
  2. Please add a link for SharePoint site, not for specific SharePoint folder.
  3. It cannot be done from CoreView portal since we do not have this integration with Office365Mon.


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