September 13 Enhancements

  • [HYBRID] Upcoming deprecation of OS 2016 support – Keeping up with the times! We're beginning to phase out support for Windows Server 2016 for the Hybrid Agent, aligning with Microsoft's stance. The curtain will officially close in January 2024. This step helps us uphold top-notch security and compliance standards. Stay tuned for more updates on this transition!

  • [POWERSHELL] PowerShell license management dismissal – Heads up! Microsoft has set the sunset for PowerShell license management on September 30, 2023. To keep your license management actions running smoothly, we strongly recommend setting up and connecting the Graph app.

    For more information, check out our guide

  • [MANAGEMENT ACTIONS] New “No Agents” tab for Teams Call Queue management – We've added a new “No Agents” tab to both “Create teams call queue” and “Edit teams call queue” management actions. Now, when all agents are away, you have the power to queue, disconnect, or redirect calls. Use the handy toggle at the top of the tab to apply settings to new incoming calls only.

    This enhancement was inspired by a CoreVoice idea.

  • [CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT PORTAL] Edit an MSP customer – We're excited to announce the completion of MSP onboarding and customer management flow on our Customer Management Portal with the new “Edit customer” feature. Now, MSPs can directly edit all their customers’ SKUs and expiration dates from the portal, streamlining customer subscription management.

    For more information, please refer to our Knowledge Base article.

September 12 Enhancements

  • [HYBRID] Full hybrid topologies support – CoreView's Hybrid Agent now embraces all hybrid topologies. No more single-domain restrictions - it's time for a seamless, multi-domain experience! Reach out to your CSMs to discover how to connect all your domains to CoreView.