After you execute a management action, you can check its progress on the task board:

Actions menu accessed from the Sidebar

You will be notified when an executed action is complete. You may also receive warnings to remind you of important information regarding the action:

If an action cannot be performed, you will see an error message:

To verify the detailed result message of failed action, click on Tasks arrow so that Tasks detailed table will be opened, and you can control ‘Short Description’ and/or ‘Description’ column containing Task Timestamp, parameters and Error description.


  1. Once the management session is opened it will be available to all operators with the management role. The management session expires after 2 hours of the execution of the last management action. Once the management session has expired, you will not be able to view the flagged management box any longer.
  2. Some actions can be performed in bulk by loading the items from a CSV file. The CSV file should include the list of User Principal Names (UPN’s) in one column with each UPN in a separate row. If the management action in a bulk takes more than 2 hours an automatic management session will be opened to complete bulk action successfully.