Problem Statement:

How do I get the list of all empty Teams groups for my M365 tenant?


As part of the environmental clean-up process, it's essential to clean up the empty Teams groups to save storage.

There are two ways to find empty Teams groups and delete them.

Using Teams Admin Center:

  • This will load all the Teams groups created for your tenant.
  • Click on the export option to export the details to Excel.
  • From Excel, you can find the Teams where Teams Owners and Teams members are '0' to be considered as empty groups.
  • Once you verify the groups, you can delete them from Teams admin center.

Using CoreView:

  • Select Empty Teams Groups (as shown below)

  • This will show all the empty Teams group in your tenant.
  • To delete the Teams group, click on the display name

  • Click on Remove Teams Group

  • This will open up the remove Teams group window. Click on submit to execute the action.