Problem Statement

How do I know if a user has updated the password


You can easily check if a user has updated their password using the Azure AD Audit Logs or CoreView Audit Logs. Follow the steps below to access and filter the logs to find the information you need.

1. Using Azure AD Audit logs


  • Click on Audit Logs and choose the date range that you require

  • Apply a filter to the Activity column, searching for keywords like "Reset Password" or "Reset User Password."

  • This will show the details:

Target:  Indicates the user for which the password is updated

Initiated By: Indicates the user who has updated the password.

Using CoreView:

CoreView is an even easier way to determine if a user has updated their password.


  • Click on Azure AD Activities and apply a filter to the operation column.

  • This will display all activities related to password changes.


If you have updated the password using the CoreView Portal, check the Audit log option under settings to review the appropriate action.

By following these simple steps, you can easily verify if a user has updated their password.