Problem Statement:

How do I grant/revoke admin access from a User's OneDrive


As an administrator it's essential that you should be able to grant/revoke admin access to a User's OneDrive specially When an employee leaves your organization, you'll want to access their OneDrive, back it up, and choose whether to give it to another employee.

There are several ways to achieve this. In this article we will discuss how we can grant/revoke OneDrive admin access using Office 365 admin center, using PowerShell, and using CoreView.

1. Using Office 365 Admin Center:

  • Sign in to the admin center as a global admin or SharePoint admin.
  • In the left pane, select Admin centers > SharePoint. (You might need to select Show all to see the list of admin centers.)
  • In the left pane, select More features (If the classic SharePoint admin center appears, select Open it now at the top of the page to open the SharePoint Modern admin center).

  • Under User profiles, select Open.

  • Under People, select Manage User Profiles.


  • Enter the former employee's name and select Find.

  • Right-click the user, and then choose Manage site collection owners.

  • Add the user to Site collection administrators and select OK.

  • The user will now be able to access the former employee's OneDrive using the OneDrive URL.
Similarly you can revoke admin access by simply removing the user from site collection administrator box.

2. Using PowerShell

PowerShell Script to grant access 

Connect-SPOService -Credential Get-Credential
# Use your SharePoint admin URL in above cmdlet 

Set-SPOUser -Site -LoginName -IsSiteCollectionAdmin $true
# This will grant admin access to 'Smartuser2' for OneDrive of 'Smartuser1'. 

PowerShell Script to revoke access:

Connect-SPOService -Credential Get-Credential
# Use your SharePoint admin URL in above cmdlet
Remove-SPOUser -Site -LoginName 
# This will remove 'Smartuser2' from OneDrive of 'Smartuser1'

3. Using CoreView

Using CoreView it's very easy to grant and revoke admin access to any OneDrive account. The best part is that you don't have to be a Global admin or SharePoint admin to execute the action. Let's see the steps.

  • Login to CoreView 
  • Select Actions > Management Actions and OneDrive in alternative you can use the Search bar to locate the action:
  • From available management actions select Manage OneDrive Owners.
  • Choose the user from the list for which you want to manage the admin access and hit Next

  • From the Set Properties tab insert the users to be added as owners by simply typing their names and it will show the users in the dropdown.

  • Once you have added the user Next, Review the information and complete by clicking Submimt:

If you want to remove any user from the OneDrive simply remove them from the owners section. (refer below screenshot)

Please Note that in CoreView we also have an option to add OneDrive owners in bulk. And there is an inbuild workflow that you can also use to achieve the same. You can also create your own custom script and run it in CoreView.