Problem Statement:

How do I get the list of all inactive Teams 


As a Teams Administrator its important to know how many Teams Groups are inactive so that one can take appropriate action  to clean up these Teams Groups.

In this article we will understand how to get inactive Teams using M365 Admin Center and using CoreView.

1. Get Inactive Teams Using M365 Admin Center

  • Select View more under Microsoft Teams Activity

  • Choose Teams Usage

  • The Last activity column shows when was the last activity performed on the Teams Group.

Using the Last activity date column value you can decide if the Teams Group is inactive (if last activity date was > 6 Months or more) and take appropriate action.

2. Get Inactive Teams Details Using  CoreView

Currently there is not a lot of auditing capabilities available in MS Teams even using PowerShell. And granting Teams administrator to multiple users for any Teams admin work is also not the best solution keeping security in mind. That's where CoreView comes to rescue.

Using CoreView , a non admin user can also perform administrator work with limited role and precise permission. To know more about CoreView kindly refer

Now coming to our problem to get the inactive Teams Groups kindly follow below steps:

  • Then Choose Teams Group Activity

  • Under Columns add Last activity date

  • This will show last activity performed date for the teams group

Please Note that you can also execute various actions from the report page itself in CoreView. For example if you want to delete/archive any inactive Teams Group then you can do it directly from the report page. Select the Teams and choose 'Remove Teams Group' or 'Archive Teams Group' from Manage Tab option.