If you are looking for a way to obtain the owner of an M365 group, you can use the following:

In PowerShell:

#Connect to Exchange Online
Connect-ExchangeOnline -Credential (Get-Credential) -ShowBanner:$False
#Get Owners of a Office 365 Group
Get-UnifiedGroup -Identity "" | Get-UnifiedGroupLinks -LinkType Owner | Select DisplayName, PrimarySmtpAddress
#Disconnect Exchange Online
Disconnect-ExchangeOnline -Confirm:$False

In Coreview:

   "id": "68f88c15-937c-4129-98b2-4ff3285e4955",
   "title": "Get M365 group Owner",
   "lastModified": "2021-11-11T12:17:41.1850000Z",
   "target": "O365Group",
   "tags": [],
   "vars": [],
   "params": [
         "name": "Name",
         "type": "string",
         "isDefault": true
   "columns": {
      "Name": ""
   "version": 5,
   "statement": "param ([string]$Name)\r\n\r\n$Manager = Get-UnifiedGroup $Name | select PrimarySmtpAddress, @{n= \"ManagedBy\"; e={$_.ManagedBy | foreach {(Get-Mailbox $_).PrimarySMTPAddress}}}\n$M365GroupOwner = $Manager.ManagedBy\n\n$json = @\"\n{\n\"OwnerEmailAddress\": \"$M365GroupOwner\"\n}\n\"@ \nreturn $json"