Problem Statement:

How do I grant access to a user mailbox


Grant Access To Mailboxes - grant access for specific user(s) indicating the type of access right: full access, send as & grant send on behalf to.

PowerShell cmdlets used:


To grant access to mailboxes follow the below steps:

  • Go to CoreView Portal 
  • Under 'ACTIONS' menu select Mailbox and choose Add delegates to Mailbox

  • Select the delegates (users) you want to add to the Mailbox

  • You will be presented with select Mailbox Screen.
  • Select the Mailbox where you want to add the delegated to and also choose the Permission Type.

  • Finally review and submit the form.

Let's understand each of these options:

Auto Mapping:

When you select this option 'Full Access' option gets enabled by default from Access rights. Auto-mapping uses Autodiscover to automatically add mailboxes to a user's Outlook profile.

Send As:

The Send as permission allows the delegate to send an email from this mailbox. A message will appear indicating it comes from the other person or mailbox. 

Grant Send on behalf to:

The Send on Behalf permission allows the delegate to send emails on behalf of this mailbox. The From line in any message sent by a delegate indicates that the message was sent by the delegate on behalf of the mailbox owner.

Access right:

Full AccessOpen the mailbox, access its contents, but can't send mail
Read permissionRead the permissions on the mailbox. Do not misunderstand it as Read Permission on Mailbox. For more info refer Read Permission on Mailbox
External AccountIndicates the account isn't in the same domain
Change PermissionChange the permissions on the mailbox
Delete ItemDelete the mailbox
Change Owner Change the owner of the mailbox

Please Note - Except for Full Access all other Access rights (ReadPermission, ExternalAccount, ChangePermission, DeleteItem, ChangeOwner) are mainly meant for On-Prem use and not intended for end user access. So we highly recommend not to select any of these access rights while granting mailbox permission.

Grant Access to Mailboxes Vs Grant Access to Users

There is also an option to grant access to user. This is similar to Grant access to mailbox.

Grant Access To Mailboxes
Grant Access To Users
Using this option you select the mailboxes and then choose the users to grant access to.Using this option you select the users first and then choose the mailbox to grant access to.