Add Computer to Group(On-Prem) - Custom Action

Modified on Wed, 24 Aug 2022 at 05:01 AM

If you are looking for a way to add a computer to an on-premise group you can use the following script:

In Powershell:

param ([string]$Group, [string]$Computer)

$Comp = Get-ADComputer -Identity "$Computer"
ADD-ADGroupMember -identity $Group –members $Comp

If you want to use this within CoreView as a Custom Action, you can import following script:

   "id": "21ba9856-5928-4d09-ad02-c8f2bd08f90e",
   "title": "Add Computer to Group",
   "description": "Add this computer to a Group",
   "lastModified": "2022-08-19T14:35:36.4460000Z",
   "target": "None",
   "tags": [],
   "vars": [
         "name": "Group",
         "type": "string",
         "isRequired": true
         "name": "Computer",
         "type": "string",
         "isRequired": true
   "params": [],
   "columns": {},
   "version": 4,
   "statement": "param ([string]$Group, [string]$Computer)\r\n\r\n$Comp = Get-ADComputer -Identity \"$Computer\" | Select-Object DistinguishedName\nADD-ADGroupMember -identity $Group –members $Comp.DistinguishedName"

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