These articles will guide you through all actions required to complete the CoreView activation process.

1Activate your CoreView Tenant This is the process to follow to connect your Microsoft 365 Tenant to Coreview

Activating your CoreView Tenant

2Ensure maximum security for your tenant and CoreView by enforcing MFA on our service accounts

Steps required to ensure that CoreView services will still be able to run properly from the data center you are hosted in, while maintaining high levels of security.

How to enforce MFA on CoreView service accounts

Authorize the use of MS GraphAPI module  In order to be able to use all management actions, the activation of this module is required.

How to set up your tenant for the switch to Microsoft Graph API

Configure your Advanced Management Configuring the Advanced management you allow your lower level admins to perform actions in your Microsoft 365 environment.

How to enable and configure CoreView management session Current UX

5Provide additional consent to retrieve SharePoint/OneDrive and SendAs information (Optional)*
Enable the CoreView SharePoint Integration and the CoreView Recipient permission role on Exchange.
CoreView's Use of Administrative Credentials (Navigate to 'Optional Steps')

SendAs information (Optional) 

Activate SharePoint/OneDrive (Optional) 

Activate your CoreTeams Analytics (Add-On)CoreTeams Analytics allows the Operator and administrator to get the most information out of the Teams Usage with advanced reporting for the call quality

How to Enable CoreTeams Analytics 

Overview of the CoreTeams add-on.
7Activate your CoreHybrid connector (Add-On)The CoreView Hybrid Agent component allows our customers to rely on CoreView for 360-degree management of cloud-only accounts, on-premises only accounts, or synchronized accounts.
Getting Started with CoreHybrid
Contact your CSM or for further assistance. 

* If activity is not completed, you won't be able to see information on SharePoint/OneDrive and SendAs.