Getting a Client ID and Client Secret

If you do not already have a client ID and client secret, you can follow these steps on the Azure Active Directory admin center:

  1. Select App permissions > New registration
  2. Give your application a name and register it

  3. From the following screen, select API permissions and then Add a permission

  4. You have now registered the application, please copy and store the application ID, you will need to upload this information on CoreView’s portal at a later time
  5. Select the Microsoft Graph tab  
  6. Select Application permissions and add the "User.ReadWrite.All", "Directory.ReadWrite.All" and "Group.ReadWrite.All" permissions
  7. Once you have added the three permissions you need to grant admin consent  

  8. Select Certificates & secrets, then New client secret
  9. Enter a description and expiration date for the client secret, then click on Add. We suggest an expiration date of 18 months from the creation of the secret in order to avoid having to go through the creation and update of the secret too often.  
  10. You have now created your secret, please make sure to copy the value of the secret immediately after creation as it will be encrypted the moment you leave the page  
  11. Now it’s time to copy the Application ID, client secret and expiration date to CoreView’s portal. You can do it by clicking on My organization > Graph Management Configuration
  12. Once you have saved your configuration you’ll have the ability to update the client secret when needed or delete the configuration entirely