Microsoft 365:

You can convert a user mailbox into a shared mailbox in Exchange Online using:

  • Exchange admin centre: Recipients > Mailboxes > Convert to Shared Mailbox. 
  • PowerShell
    • Set-Mailbox -Identity <MailboxIdentity> -Type Shared

Form more information check this link on Microsoft side


Steps to convert Exchange user mailboxes to shared mailboxes using CoreView:

  • Go to CoreView Portal
  • Select Actions --> Management Actions --> Mailbox --> Search for Convert to shared mailbox

  • Select 1 or more user mailbox(es) or upload a CSV file with list of targets.
  • Click Continue > Proceed
  • Verify if everything is ok, write notes to track additional info related to this change (i.e. ServiceNow ticket number, reason why) that will be tracked on CoreSuite side.
  • The user mailboxes get converted to shared mailboxes.

Using CoreSuite you can not only create, convert or delete mailboxes in bulk, but you can also manage, monitor and audit mailbox objects and configuration easily. Would you like to review and manage mailbox permissions at once? Please check: How to review and manage Exchange online mailbox permissions.

CoreSuite is an advanced Microsoft 365 tool offered by CoreView, used for reporting, managing, monitoring, auditing, and automating activities on your tenant to help keeping it under control. It simplify day by day activities, while ensuring a safer and more compliance management through tenant delegation, granular permission contro, license optimization, workflow. 

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