Brief Introduction

There are now two “Quarantine Messages” reports. The new report allows you to delegate to first-level support the ability to only VIEW the quarantined messages, and still grant the second-level support the ability to MANAGE those messages (through the management action).



Previously, it was not possible to delegate separately the permission to VIEW and MANAGE quarantined messages. For an operator to see the messages, they had to also be able to manage them. CoreView has added a “Quarantined Messages” report under “Exchange Reports” on the ‘Analyze’ tab. When you are investigating quarantined messages, you want to be able to access the “Quarantined Messages” report and perform reporting tasks without needing to have the “Manage Quarantine messages” management action.



You will need to have a “Management” session enabled to see the reports. Otherwise, you will get a warning or error message.


Main Features

While a Tenant Admin has the permission to view the current “Manage Quarantine Messages” report under the ‘Manage’ Tab, a Tenant Admin cannot delegate permission to view and manage the actual messages. It is not possible to delegate separately the ability to view the report and manage the actual messages. 


With this new Exchange 'Quarantine messages' report, you will be able to VIEW the quarantined messages without having permission to MANAGE them.


CoreView has added a feature to view the quarantined messages. We have duplicated the 'Manage Quarantine messages' management action, but with the 'Manage' dropdown at the top of the table removed from the new report.


To Enable Report Viewing

This report will have separate permission in the Permission > Menu > Analyze > Exchange reports tab




  • The 'Quarantine messages' report will be available in the Analyze tab, Exchange section
  • This report is based 'Manage Quarantine messages' management action.
  • This report will have separate permission in the Permission > Menu > Analyze > Exchange reports tab
  • This report will be available for all operators, without any special role assigned. (Just like other reports)
  • Operator can run the quarantine messages report as they're currently running the 'Manage Quarantine messages' management action
  • The results obtained with the same filters on the 'Quarantine messages' report are the same obtained from the 'Manage Quarantine messages' management action
  • From the 'Quarantine messages' report, operators cannot perform the 'Release and Allow' management actions
  • Applying the permission on the menu, enables or disables the report


Sample Screen Examples

The differences between the two screens have been called out here. You will also see that the messages are the same as depicted by the numbers 1 & 2. Number 3 indicates the ‘Manage’ function that differentiates the two.



Current 'Quarantine messages' Report (Manage tab, 'Mange Quarantine messages')




New 'Quarantine messages' Report (Analyze tab, Exchange Reports, 'Quarantine messages')




You now have a better understanding of how the new Analyze “Quarantined Messages” report is different than the current Manage “Quarantined Messages” report.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team.