The following article will show the steps involved in accessing a synchronized user and updating their group membership. 



This article is intended for customers with a Hybrid environment. The steps can also be used for customers that do not have Hybrid environments, but they may not see all the same options depicted in this article. 



  1. Log into CoreView
  2. You can find a user via the Global Search bar or a report. In this example, we will access a user via the Global Search bar. Type in the user’s name and select it from the results drop-down menu.


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  1. The User Card page will appear. From the Management Actions menu, select Edit synchronized user


Note: the actions are listed in the order of usage. The most frequently used actions will be listed at the top of the list. Your list may be different from this screenshot.) 

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  1. The Edit Synchronized User page will appear. Using the left-hand navigation panel, select Groups. You now have a snapshot of the user’s group memberships and quickly remove him from all groups by selecting Remove all. 



  1. By clicking on the “Next” arrow, it is possible to cycle through the various group membership types and add or remove groups. It is also possible to directly select the group membership of interest on the left menu pane. Once in the desired section, it is possible to:
  2. Add the user to groups by starting to type the group name of interest into the search bar


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  1. Remove the user from individual groups by clicking on the trashcan associated with the specific group
  2. Remove the user from all groups by clicking on Remove all

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  1. Once you have added or removed groups for this user, click the Save button. 



You have now updated a synchronized user’s group membership. 

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