Call quality dashboard shows monthly and daily trends of calls and audio, video, sharing streams made using Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business services. It is updated almost in real time and uses the Graph API to import the data.

The quality value is differentiated between:

  • Good shown in the blue color
  • Poor shown in the red color
  • Unclassified shown in the grey color

Please refer to the following article to check the detailed information about the quality classification: Stream Classification in Call Quality Dashboard (CQD).

Also, the poor quality percentage trend is shown on the graph by the purple line.

All the trends can be filtered by department, countries and company available by clicking on Filters button in the upper right corner. Moreover, all the trends can be printed and exported in the following formats: 

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • PDF
  • SVG

By clicking the daily trend bar graphs the detailed call quality report filtered for specific quality (poor/good) and the selected period will be opened.