The Teams Adoption Growth report gives you insights into growth in use of Teams, in particular parameters provided are: 

  • the number of active users
  • calls and meetings
  • time spent on meetings and calls
  • other actions: chats and channel messages

and their overall percentage change calculated for the months chosen under date 1 and date 2. The defaults are set to the last two full months.

The details over which the comparison should be performed can be set under the filters*, such as:

  • date 1 and date 2
  • attendees type: all, internal, external
  • grouped by: department, company or country

The graphs show the percentage change of the parameters based on the filters set. By hovering the mouse on the graph you can check the growth details. Some charts have Tabs to check the specifics of parameters included under All tab that is set by default as the first tab. 

*Note: The filters can be reset by clicking on Reset Button.