CoreView Platform updates in Release 20.07

  • Hybrid Enhancement:
  • CoreView now supports Single Forest with Multiple domains for On-premises infrastructure. This new infrastructure is available by request.

  • Improved Security and Governance:
    • Operators are now able to apply Regional settings for  Time & Date Format in the portal
    • CoreScan & CoreView integration to be able to track in audit SharePoint documents analyzed by CoreScan showing tags identified and scoring: PII, Credit Cards info, etc..

  • CoreFlow improvements
    • Multiple Choice block enable users to make dynamic workflow where instead of asking simple yes/no question, you’ll be able to ask complex question like:

      o    Would you like to assign license E1, E3 or E5 to this user?

    • CoreFlow enables complex filter when deciding which tasks to execute, we have added the OR filter so you can tailor your workflow executions to yourspecific need.

  • Learning Enhancements: 

    • Multiple Language Support with CoreLearning will enable to drive adoption of Microsoft 365 through multiple countries. Configuration of multiple languages for Office 365 Learning Content will be available by request, it is not included in the default CoreLearning License.

  • Reporting Enhancements

    • New attribute 'HasGroupLicenses' has been added to the User report

    • New attribute 'OnPremises password expiration date' 

    • Added filter options for the Quality Call Dashboard

  • And more small improvements and User Interface enhancements.

  • Bugs squashed: 
    • Plus, more than 100+ small pesky bugs have been squashed in this release!