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Issue: What types of sensitive data can CoreScan find?


What types of sensitive data can CoreScan find?


CoreScan ships with the following rules;

Australia Medical Account Numbers 

Australia Passport Number

 Australia Tax File Number 

Austria VAT number 

Belgium VAT number 

Belgium National Identify Number 

Blood groups 

Brazil National ID Card (RG) 

Brazil Legal Entity Number 

Bulgaria VAT Number 

Canada Passport Number 

Canada Social Insurance Number 

Croatia Personal Identification (OIB) Number 

Credit Card numbers 

CVV number for credit cards 

Expire date for credit cards 

Croatia Identity Card Number 

Croatian VAT Number 

Cyprus VAT Number 

Czech National Identity Card Number 

Date of Birth 

Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Number 

Denmark VAT Number 

Email Addresses 

Ethnic groups 

Finland National ID 

Finland Passport Number 

Finland VAT Number 

France Social Security Number (INSEE) 

France VAT Number 

French Passport 

German Driving licence number 

German Identity Card Number since November 2010 

German Passport number 

German VAT Number 

Greece National ID Card (Old) 

Greece National ID Card (New) 

Greece VAT Number 

Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) 

IBAN International Banking Account Number (IBAN) 

India Permanent Account Number 

India Unique Identification (Aadhaar) Number 

Indonesia Identity Card (KTP) Number 

IP Addresses 

Ireland Personal Public Service (PPS) Number (New) 

Ireland Personal Public Service (PPS) Number (Old) 

Ireland VAT number 

Israel National ID Israel Bank Account Number 

Italy Driver's License Number ITALYVAT Italy VAT number 

Japan Driving Licence Number 

Japan Social Insurance Number (SIN) 

Address and location information 

Luxembourg VAT number 

Netherlands Citizen's Service (BSN) Number 

Northern Irish vehicle registration 

Netherlands VAT Number 

Norway Bank Account  

Norwegian citizen ID number 

Company and organisation names 

Names of people 

Philippines Unified Multi-Purpose ID Number 

Poland Identity Card 

Poland Passport 

Portugal Citizen Card Number 


South Africa Identification Number 

Saudi Arabia National ID 

Sexual Orientation descriptions 

Singapore National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) Number 

South Korea Resident Registration Number 

Banking sort codes in the format NN-NN-NN

 Spain Social Security Number (SSN) 

Spanish VAT Number SWEDENID Sweden National ID 

Sweden Passport Number 

Sweden VAT number 

Taiwan Resident Certificate (ARC/TARC) Number 

Taiwan National ID 

UK Vehicle registrations from 2001 onwards 

UK Cell phone number 

UK Child Benefit number 

UK Driving licence number 

UK Electoral Roll Number 

UK government security classifications 

UK National Insurance number 

UK National Health Service Number 

UK Postcodes UKVAT UK VAT Number 

UK Vehicle Identification Number 

US Social Security Number (SSN) 

US Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) 

US Vehicle identification  

UK street addresses 

US Telephone numbers 

US Abbreviated State name and ZIP code 

Web addresses 

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