In the KPI dashboard you will see a list of predefined KPI reports but you can create new ones based on your needs. 


How to Create a KPI report 

  • Open the report you would like to create the KPI from and apply the filters you would like to monitor
  • Click Actions and then Save KPI
  • A panel will be opened where you can fill all the information 
  • Type > It can be saved as KPI or as KPI Template
  • Report Name
  • Description 
  • Category > The KPI report will be visible in the     category you choose in the KPI Dashboard
  • Service > The KPI report will be visible in the service you choose in the KPI dashboard or custom dashboard
  • Severity 
  • Dashboards > You can add the report to an already existing Dashboard (ie KPI Dashboard) and also add it to a Custom Dashboard by simply typing its name. A new Dashboard will be created and visible under Custom Dashboards. 
  • How this will affect my users
  • Note 
  •  You can add Remediation Tasks. You will be presented with the applicable actions and workflow based on the report you selected. 

  • You can tag one or more attributes as exceptions so that won't be considered in the compliance computation. 
  • Once you filled all the information you can review and complete. 

The newly created KPI will be visible now under the Dashboard you selected. 


By clicking on the info icon,  you can see all the information filled during the creation of the KPI report.   You can easily access the report by clicking on the View icon. If you chose a management action as a remediation task, you can perform it directly from here by click on it.

The same process is used to create KPI templates. Once created, the template will be visible and manageable from Manage Custom Dashboard or Manage KPIs. See more info in the article: Understanding KPI Dashboard