In brief, every single view of every single video by every single user is tracked. This data provides the basis for our rich analytics and reporting features. It's unlikely that you will have generated much data so far if you are evaluating the product but do feel free to explore the analysis features. Out of interest, the most commonly-run reports are:

  • Content Usage Reports. From this report you can view a chronological chart of content usage and drill down to see details of content and user activity. 
  • Learning Path Analysis: you can view a list of learning paths and drill down to see the progress that specific users have mad with each path. 
  • View Leaderboards: you can view leaderboards for overall learning activity and learning paths and use that to identify the ‘champions’. 
  • User Tracking Analysis: you can view a list of users who have accessed learning and drill down to see chronological charts and details of their activity. 
  • Content Usage Reports: View high-level reports of usage tracking and drill down to see content frequency distributions. 
  • Export All Activity: Download all logged user activity for further analysis in Microsoft Excel.

Published: 04/27/2020

Updated: 05/26/2020