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Finding and Using CoreLearning Permalinks

I. Overview

When the need arises for you to share a link to a CoreLearning Learning Path or a specific video, it's important that you supply a permalink and not the URL that is displayed in your browser's address bar.  This is because the URL in the address dynamic and contains information on the user who is accessing the CoreLearning resource.  Therefore, it's not suitable for sharing.


Before you attempt any of the instructions below, please review the following prerequisites.  If you are unsure about any of these prerequisites, please reach out to your Office 365 team.

  • Your organization must have a valid CoreLearning subscription.
  • You must be granted the necessary permissions to be a CoreLearning administrator for your organization.
  • You are able to access the CoreLearning administrative facilities either through CoreView or by using our legacy web-based CoreLearning platform at  

How to Retrieve a Permalink

To retrieve a permalink, please follow the steps below.  The instructions below apply to the CoreLearning based approach.

  1. Click on the Learning tab on the CoreView menubar
  2. Click on the Libraries topic on the left navigation panel
  3. Select the library that contains the topic for which you want to retrieve a permalink.

Once you click on a topic area, under "C" above, you will then be presented with a screen where you can select between:

  • Asset Bin - This section will list all of the individual videos.
  • Learning Paths - This section will list all of the existing learning paths.
  • Integrations - This section is specific to the top level library itself, such as what is depicted next to "C," above.

To retrieve the specific permalink for an Asset or a Learning Path:

  • Click on "A" if you want the permalink for a specific video, or
  • Click on "B" if you want the permalink for a Learning Path.

Once the content is displayed after selecting "A" or "B," you then click on the icon circled below which will pull up the page with the integration options,

Once the integrations page is displayed, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page where you'll find the URL.  Click on the blue button to copy this for use


Published: 02-07-2020


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