From time to time, some CoreView customers prefer that email communications that flow from a CoreAdoption campaign use their organization's email domain versus that of SendGrid, our bulk mailing service provider.  This is more commonly know as "Send As" rights.  If this applies to you, please review the information contained here in.

Implementing "Send As" rights will require that you make some networking changes and you may also need to create a new account that will be used as the Sender for any Campaign; therefore, please allow time for your networking team to be able to implement the desired changes.  If needed, we would be happy to schedule a quick call if your networking team has any questions.

Requesting "Send As" Rights

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open a Support Case with our Customer Care Team at, requesting "SendAs" rights for your organization's Drive Campaigns.  In the Support Ticket, please provide the email address and Display Name that you want to use as the sender for your CoreAdoption Campaigns.  Generally, these mail accounts are designed only for the purposes of bulk mailing and as such they do not accept incoming mail.   It can be a simple as, no real mailbox is needed here.   
  2. Within two business days, a member of the CoreView Customer Care team will reach out to you to ask any clarifying questions and will then provide you with the required DNS information.  These are the entries that need to be added to your organization's DNS.
  3. Once implemented, please let us know.  You'll want to perform some testing to validate that it's working.  If you encounter any problems, please let us know immediately.



Updated: 12/5/2022