This knowledge resource is designed to help guide you through the creation of your first Workflow.  Starting in Section II, you will find a step-by-step on how a workflow is created.  CoreFlow is an add-on feature of CoreView and requires that a customer has purchased our CoreAdmin subscription plan.

The CoreFlow module automates O365 IT tasks through robotic process automation (RPA) workflows, replacing complicated manual tasks with one-click error-free completion.

Workflow Practical Exercise - Clean Up Guest Accounts 

The goal of this exercise is to set up a workflow that is going to remove automatically guest user accounts that have been inactive for more than 180 days, on a weekly basis. 

In this exercise, you will see: 

  • How to create a workflow
  • How to create an execution input
  • How to add and configure an action

Now, let's get started:

1. Click on the Actions tab on the CoreView sidebar.

2. Click Manage workflows.

3. Select Workflows.

4. Select + Create new.

5.  Click the pencil icon and type the name “Remove guest user accounts” in the “Name” field. 

6. (Optional): Click the “Description” button below the name of the workflow to add a description. 

7. Click Configure execution input, then click + Add execution input on the next page.

8.  Under Target, select User from the drop-down.  By doing so, you will be able to use the auto-mapping feature, as the input from the workflow, which is expecting a “UserPrincipalName” as an input, will recognize and use the “UserPrincipalName” attribute in the report. 

9. Search for “UserPrincipalName” in the list and click on it. 

10. Make sure the is Required box is checked.  

11. Click Save.

At this point, you have specified and created the required execution input for your workflow. 

12. In the Add drop-down, click the Add action button. 

13. In the Action category, select User.

14. In the Select action dropdown, select Remove guest user.

15. Under Settings, click on the lighting icon on the right-hand side of the User principal name field. Select the “UserPrincipalName” input that you have previously created in the list displayed. The input should be added to the “Userprincipalname” field. 

16. Click Save.

At this point, you have created an action in charge of removing a guest user account which will use the input provided to the workflow, the UserPrincipalName. 

17. Click Save at the top right. This will save your workflow as a draft. 

18. Click Publish at the top right. This will publish your workflow and make it available to you, and everyone you grant access to it. 

Congratulations! You’ve now created, configured, and Published your very first workflow on the CoreView platform!