When you try to perform a management action, you encounter the following error message in the management action window:  


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“Sorry, the operation required cannot be satisfied, if you are using an existing session try to close your browser and connect again.” 


Overview of the workable solutions 

This error is related to the session you are using to connect to CoreView, and most often happens when your token expires while performing a management action. The CoreView authentication token has a 3-day expiry policy. If you log in and out daily this will not occur.  


The other reasons for this error to happen relates to your browser’s third-party settings.  


Solution 1: Log in CoreView using a new token/session 

The first thing to do to troubleshoot this problem is logging out of CoreView, using the ‘Logout’ button in the ‘Profile’ dropdown in the top right corner of the screen.  

After being redirected to the CoreView authentication page, log in using your credential. This creates a brand-new authentication token/session. 


Solution 2: Configure your browser’s third-party settings 

If the error still occurs after the Solution 1 has been applied, you need to configure your browser’s third-party setting following these steps: 

  • On Google Chrome, at the top right corner, click ‘More (…)’ and then ‘Settings’. 
  • On the left-hand navigation click on ‘Privacy and Security’. 
  • In the ‘Privacy and Security’ section, click ‘Cookies and other sites data’. 

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  • If you are blocking third-party cookies you will need to add [*.], [*.], and to the sites that can always use the cookies.  

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After you have added our websites to the allowed sites, close the browser and then reopen the platform and try again.