CoreView provides Operators with several options when you desire to limit the set of results presented in CoreView’s standard table format. Once you understand these basic operations, you have mastered a large part of our solution.

A. Menubar - The menu bar presents the Functional Tabs as well as the CoreView Tenant name, Global Filter, Enable Managed Actions status, the Customer Feedback button, Tasks and Alerts button, and the Management Menu.

B. Functional Tabs - These tabs provide you with access to the various capabilities of CoreView. Your access to any of the Functional Tabs will depend on the CoreView subscription level you have purchased.

C. Left Navigation Panel - The selections and options displayed in this area will vary based on what Functional Tab you have selected. The CoreView UI includes the use of icons that are relevant to the Topic or Sub-topic.

D. Type a User (Search) - This area on the Navigation Panel will be present across any Functional Tab you have selected. It allows you to quickly find user and to display their User Card.

E. Navigation Topic and Sub-topics - Items listed in this navigation area are divided subject areas.

F. Main Display - This is your main work area and the contents displayed will vary depending on your location in CoreView.

G. Product Menu - Also called the Management Menu, is a circular button that will appear as your avatar or a colored circle with your initials. Clicking on this will cause the Product Menu to display.

Note: TenantAdmins will have additional options available in the Product Menu that are not available to an Operator.