An operator in CoreView is defined as any individual in your organization who may have reason to log into CoreView for any valid business or technical reason. Operator accounts are created and maintained only by CoreView Tenant Admins and each Operator Profile can be configured to support any desired level of delegation.

  • Personal Info tab - Provides relevant information on an Operators Name, UPN, email account, as well as any assigned Roles.
  • CoreView Skus tab – Allows a TenantAdmin to limit an Operators access only to specific products. Because access to CoreView features and functions can be better controlled using permissions, we do not recommend the use of this option.
  • V-Tenants tab – Where you delegate to an Operator a previously created Virtual Tenants, which controls the scope of Office 365 data they can see.
  • Permissions tab - Where you delegate to an Operator a previously created Permission, which controls the features to which they have access. Note: Operators can only be assigned one Permission at a time.
  • License Pools tab - Where you delegate to an Operator one or more previously created License Pools, which controls and informs their ability to manage end user Office 365 licenses.