I. Overview

Effective October 7, 2019, we will transition the "CoreView Product Ideas & Feedback forum" to UserVoice ( and the forum now on the Care Portal will be retired.  All existing suggestions have been migrated to UserVoice.

UserVoice is an extremely popular customer engagement solution, that provides SaaS customers with the ability to submit product ideas or suggestions.  It also allows you to comment on the feedback or suggestions made by others and to vote for your favorites.  Customers are encouraged to use this forum to suggest product changes or enhancements.  Feel free to review any submitted product ideas and add your own comments and please vote on those that you feel are most implementation-worthy.

Starting on October 7th, the Care Team will begin the process of enrolling all of our current TenantAdministrators and Operators, a process that is, unfortunately, manual.  As soon as you are enrolled, you will receive an account activation link.

II.  Feedback Forums

The following feedback forums are available:

  • CoreView
  • CoreLearning
  • CoreScan and CoreTag
  • Customer Experience
  • Partner Experience

III. Submission Guidelines

  • Please do not use the UserVoice forums to report any support needs.  Please use our Customer Care Portal to open a Support Case.
  • Before submitting a suggestion or feedback to this forum, please search the forum to ensure that you are not creating a duplicate.
  • Please include only one suggestion per submission.
  • Please be clear, concise and specific when providing any specifications or design details.
  • Please describe the business benefit you believe you would receive if your suggestion was implemented.
  • If you're submitting a suggestion that involves a change to a product or the creation of something new, we ask that you also include some type of storyboard or visual example that can help provide insight into your vision. 
  • While we can't respond directly to every suggestion, please know that we are committed to reading every submission.