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1.E CoreView Training Options

I. Overview

CoreView is an extremely powerful and flexible solution and the training we provide is intended to help members of your organization develop a sufficient level of skill and competencies with CoreView so you are able to achieve your most important business objectives.  Our training is instructor-led and is conducted by either a Customer Success Manager or a Solution Architect, depending on the products you have purchased and your training priorities.

Tenant Administrators

We provide training to CoreView Tenant Administrators as part of the onboarding process.  This is called “CoreSuccess Education,” and is outlined under Section IV of our CoreView Onboarding Guidebook.  This initial training is included as part of new customer onboarding at no additional costs. 

Delegated Operators 

For customers who plan to delegate the use of CoreView to individuals in your various business units, we can provide optional training for any Delegated Operators.  The syllabus for this training is attached to this knowledge resource.  

When it comes to training delegates, we partner with whomever in your organization oversees CoreView, to ensure that any training covers both the CoreView solution, as well training on any policies, standards and/or practices that you may have in place covering your expectations of how delegates are to use CoreView.   Training can be provided remotely or in person, and we can customize the syllabus to meet your specific needs.  Delegated Operator training normally is a fee-based service for which we can provide a quote once we understand your training requirements.  If you prefer that we come onsite for training, your organization would also be responsible for reimbursing CoreView for any reasonable travel expenses.

II.  CoreView Knowledge Resources

In addition to our instructor-led training, you also have access to the array of Knowledge Resources that are published on our Customer Care Portal (  To start we have the Getting Started sections with the information to get you up and running. Then we have the vast array of information under the Knowledge Resources section which includes detailed information as well as Quickstart Guides. You will also be able to access the Product Manual. You'll need to be formally enrolled as a user on our Care Portal.  This enrollment process is one of the onboarding activities.

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