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2.F CoreView's Use of Administrative Credentials

I. Overview

During the sign-up process, you will be prompted to supply the User Principle Name of an Office 365 account that has been granted the Global Admin role in Office 365 and where that account does not have MFA active. This account is used temporarily by CoreView during the initial part of the sign-up process to connect with your Office 365 tenant and to initialize the creation of your CoreView Tenant.  The administrative credentials you provide during the sign-up are not stored or retained by CoreView.  

The administrative account used by the CoreView sign-up process does not need to be assigned an Office 365 license and can be a cloud-only account, such as  Moreover, this account will have view-only permissions to your Office 365 tenant's data and it cannot be used to perform changes in the system.  During the sign-up, the following permissions are used:

  • View-Only Configuration
  • View-Only Recipients
  • CoreView Recipient Permissions
  • User Options
  • View-Only Audit Logs
  • User Account Administrator
  • Reports Reader
  • Security Reader

CoreView Recipient Permissions is a custom role used by the PowerShell cmdlet Get-RecipientPermission to get additional mailboxes information during Import.  If you have additional questions on the use of credentials by CoreView, please reach out to your Account Team.


Published: 2018-02-12

Updated: 2019-08-01

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