In this section, you will learn how to create, delete, and edit different templates for your campaigns.

The table view includes the default templates shared to you as well as your own templates that were created previously.

Create new template

  • Click the actions button and choose “Add new” action. Create a new template wizard will be opened.
  • Select the targets for the campaign among the available properties.
  • Choose the campaign recipients. You can add additional columns here to filter your results. To add additional columns, click the Columns button and choose the columns to be added to the Recipients table.
  • Here you can:
    • Review the targets selected and specify if it should be incremental
    • Specify General Information, such as the:
    • Template name
    • Description
    • Categories used to group various templates
    • Visibility:
      • Tier 0: the template will be visible to Tier 0, distribution list, partner and customer operators
      • Distribution: the template will be visible to the distribution list, partner and customer operators
      • Partner: the template will be visible to partner and customer operators only
      • Customer: these templates will be visible to your company operators
    • Subject
  • Insert Template Text: you can add images, links, tables, quotes, and tags from the list of available tags to personalize your email and format your text. You can also improve the effectiveness by linking Microsoft-produced informational videos to your users who need them. (You can also leverage third-party training vendors. Please reach out to your account executive for different options related to third-party training vendors.) 

Once you have set your template you can test it by sending a test email. Click the Test Mail button, insert an email address where the message should be sent, and then click Proceed.

Once you have finished the template creation process, click the Save button to store your work.

Published: 07/02/2019

Updated: 01/08/2020