CoreView enables the configuration of automated alerts for any event activity reported in Office 365 log files. The simplified wizard UI to configure these alerts makes it easy for IT administrators to choose the available log categories and associated events from available picklists and activities to identify the exact security risks they want to monitor. The wizard UI walks the administrator through a step by step process to identify the log event and select the recipients to alert or the workflow to execute. These alert notifications are generated from the audit activities performed by CoreView on an almost real-time basis. When a preconfigured security watchdog setting matches a known compliance breach, an alert message is sent via e-mail to a specified distribution list. Administrators can then take immediate action to rectify the situation and close the security concern.

To create, edit or delete Event Alert go to Audit – Alerts Reports – Manage Alerts.

Published: 7/2/2019

Updated: 09/01/2020