• OneDrive Audit Events contains information on access and actions taken by users on SharePoint.
  • External Invitations shows any activities related to external data sharing.
  • External Access shows activities performed by external users on a selected tenant.
  • Anonymous Invitations shows any anonymous invitation activity.
  • Site Provisioning shows an entry for each user that accesses OneDrive for the first time, (useful to monitor if users are activating OneDrive or not).
  • DLP Activities shows all Data Loss Prevention (DLP) related entries.

Below are some examples of the types of analysis you can perform using Audit Analyzer feature for OneDrive External access report:

  • most active external users
    • files accessed
  • most frequent activities
  • Sharing Operations shows all the OneDrive sharing operations 

Published: 7/2/2019

Updated: 01/08/2020