• SharePoint Audit Events contains information on the access and actions taken by users on SharePoint.
  • External Invitations shows any activities related to external data sharing.
  • External Access shows activities performed by external users on the selected tenant.
  • Anonymous Invitations shows any anonymous invitation activity.
  • SiteCollection Admin Changes shows changes in SiteCollection admins.
  • DLP Activities shows all Data Loss Prevention (DLP) related entries.
  • Sharing Operations shows all the sharing operations
  • Permission Changes show any changes related to permissions 

Below are some examples of the types of analysis you can perform using Audit Analyzer feature under SharePoint reports:

  • Filtering a SharePoint site, we can see a list of elements filtered and aggregations by:
    • number of most accessed files
    • most active users
    • most frequent operations
  • Selecting SharePoint workload
    • most active users
    • most user URL
    • most accessed extensions
  • Filtering a file on SharePoint
    • full history of the file
    • most active users
    • most frequent operations

Published: 7/2/2019

Updated: 10/19/2020