• Exchange Audit Events contains information on the access and actions performed on a mailbox by different users.
  • Admin Mailbox Activities shows all actions performed by Admins on mailboxes.
  • Non-Owner Mailbox Activities shows all the actions performed on a mailbox by a non-owner. The report contains information about who accessed the mailbox, the actions they performed, and whether or not the actions were successful.
  • DLP Activities shows all Data Loss Prevention (DLP) related entries.
  • SendAs and SendOnBehalf show the details on Send as and Send on Behalf actions performed.
  • Mailbox Rights Changes shows all changes performed on recipients’ mailboxes.
  • Message Trace: Each operator can track message details in real-time within CoreView within assigned V-Tenant boundaries.
    Message trace report allows operators that don't belong to any specific V-tenants to make a search for either specific external email address in the Sender or Recipient search field or just (i.e. to see all the emails sent/received that contain this domain.