The management wizard allows you to make bulk management decisions more quickly and efficiently.

Choose which management action you would like to apply and whether you would like to apply it over a mailbox, users, mobile device users, distribution, Office 365 or security groups, mail contact skype for business or you need to create a custom action. Then, select items an operation and click ‘confirm’.

You can either select only items visualized on the current page or select all items across all pages. To select all items, click on the hamburger menu available over the select items table and choose ‘Select All’. You can also deselect all or load items using CSV from this menu.


  1. Management action that have ‘cloud’ icon close to their titles can be performed only for on cloud objects.
  2. To access the Management Wizard, you need either Office 365 Admin credentials or a management role with the management password provided in case of basic management type or just management role in case of advanced management type.

Published: 06/26/2019

Updated: 01/08/2020