On the top header of the dashboard, you can see the following functions:

  1. Multi-tenant function provides a list of all customers across multiple tenants to whom you have given admin privileges, allowing you to easily manage multiple customer subscriptions. The customer list that appears is the starting point for viewing important information about customers and for performing admin tasks on behalf of customers. The first tenant that appears on the list is your organization’s master tenant. Any actions you perform will only be applied to one tenant of your choice.
  2. Global & License filters: find more details in the paragraph Report Filters.
    V-tenants and permissions filters: find more details under Manage V-tenants and Manage Permissions paragraphs.
  3. Management (Optional): CoreView manages common Office 365™ operations through a simple, intuitive web portal. No PowerShell scripts or advanced skills are needed. This option is only visible to operators with management roles. You can find more information on enabling management, management wizard and actions in paragraph Management.
  4. Feedback you can leave us a feedback
  5. Help menu: from this menu you will find helpful resources such as links to recent blog posts, a direct link to Microsoft website and by clicking on Ask For Support you can open a Support Request 
  6. Tasks and Notifications: shows all the tasks and notifications within the system. By clicking on the arrow close to tasks/notifications, you can view all tasks/notifications and their statuses, as well as information regarding relevant management actions/notifications. You can mark them all as read by clicking ‘Mark all as read’ envelopment icon.

You can select the option 'Show Only Failed' and you will see in the list only the failed actions

  1. Click the avatar icon on the top right of the page   to access the following functions:
  • My profile shows your personal information, account settings, your CoreView roles as well as language settings. You can check your SKUs, V-Tenants, Permissions and License Pools in the appropriate tabs.
  • My Organization 
  • Organization Settings this option is visible only in case of managing another organization tenant.
  • Manage Operators*
  • Manage API Keys*
  • Manage V-Tenants* 
  • Manage License Pools* 
  • Manage Permissions* 
  • Manage License Templates*
  • Manage Custom Dashboards*
  • Manage KPIs* 
  • Audit Log* saves and tracks all actions performed in CoreView.
  • Configuration Wizard* guides you the main steps of portal setup: Organization Settings, Manage Operators, Manage Permissions, Manage V-tenants, Manage License Pools, Manage License Templates.
  • Admin dashboard* shows portal setups:  saved reports, permissions, license templates, compliance reports.
  • CoreLearning this option will re-direct you to the CoreLearning user portal 
  • Exported Reports you will find the list of the reported exported in async mode
  • User Manual redirects you to the Knowledge Resources in our Customer Care Portal
  • What's New shows new features released.
  • Support Portal redirects you to our Customer Care portal where you can find Knowledge Base articles, FAQ open and track opened tickets.  
  • Third-Party Note
  • Log Out 
  • Log Out Azure

* Functions available only to the operators with Tenant admin role on CoreView portal.