Some reports can be exported, saved, printed, sent by email, scheduled, added to your favorites, or saved as a compliance report. Click on the report action list in the table header of some reports to access report actions:

  • Export  

Used to export table information in CSV, Excel or PDF format.

In case the report is too big, the data will be exported an asynchronous way.               

  • Save

Used to save reports with temporary filters applied, allowing you to recall the report easily without reapplying filters.
You can set the saved report as ‘favorite’.

  • Schedule

You can schedule a report to be sent by email by specifying the name of the report, choosing recipients, inputting email text/comments, and selecting a time. You can also decide whether the sending of the report occurs only once, or if it is recurring. If a desired recipient’s name is already present in the tenant, it will be suggested to you. Otherwise, you must enter the recipient’s full email address.
The reports are scheduled and saved with the filters you have applied. You can find your saved reports under the ‘Saved reports’ menu. 

  • Manage Subscribers in Scheduled Reports:
    The operator will be able to subscribe to already existing Scheduled Reports (Personal or Shared) and receive a notification by email.
    The option to subscribe/unsuscribe is availble under the dedicated area Scheuled Report The option is also availble in the report where a schedulation has been defined.  
  • Add to Favorites

You can add a report to your favorites by clicking a star icon near the report title. Reports in your favorites are static and will retain any filters you have applied. This will allow you to recall the report more quickly when you want to view it.

  • Drive Change

This function allows the operator to drive a campaign directly from the report. This action is available only for the reports that contain the user's email so that the campaign can be sent to them. You can modify ‘Free email’ used by adding images, links, tables, quotes, and tags from the list of available tags to personalize your email and format your text. You can also improve the effectiveness by linking Microsoft-produced informational videos to your users who need them.

  • Pivot Table

Please check the Custom Pivot report description under the User Reports.

  • Manage Tags

You can add tags to one or multiple users. In order to do that, select one or more than users from the report and select the action Manage Tags.

You can choose to add Tags to add, remove or delete all the tags previously created.

The added tags will be visible in the report in the Column field 'Tags'.

The option is available for Users and Microsoft 365 Groups 

  • Save KPI
    Used to Save the report as KPIs report. See more info in the article: KPI Dashboard