CoreView aggregation reports offer users a clear view of services across all devices, users, and connections throughout the organization. In addition, users can see aggregation reports for any tenants to which they have access. Because these reports are generated in real time, users can also choose to view only some of their tenants.


Aggregation reports include the following:

  • License By Tenant  This aggregate report across all registered tenants, shows active, consumed, remaining, warning, suspended, and locked out  license units.
  • License By Sku This aggregate report across all SKU categories, shows active, consumed, warning, suspended, and locked out license units.


Below you can find the description for all license statuses:

  • Active indicates all the licenses available for your tenant
  • Consumed indicates the licenses assigned to users 
  • Remaining indicates the licenses available to be assigned to users
  • Warning indicates the licenses that are due to expire within 30 days
  • Suspended  status is assigned to licenses in case a user was removed from a license group. Microsoft is using this approach to avoid data loss issues due to accidental removal of group members.   
  • Locked out is assigned to licenses that may have an activity that may have violated Microsoft's Terms of Use