SharePoint reports include the following:

  • SharePoint Activity: provides detailed information about how users interact with SharePoint to store and collaborate on files. You can use the report to see which users are active and engaged with files stored within SharePoint sites. You can also see which users synchronize documents and monitor if they share documents internally or externally. You can alternate between the following data views:
  • the Files view helps you understand the unique numbers of licensed users that perform file interactions with files stored on SharePoint sites,
  • the Users view shows the trend in the number of active users. A user is considered active if he or she has executed a file activity (save, sync, modify, or share) or visited a page within the specified period,
  • the Pages view that shows you the number of unique pages visited by users.
  • SharePoint Site Usage: provides a table of SharePoint sites, sorted by size. You can alternate between viewing Document Count and Storage in the top right corner of the table.
  • SharePoint Site Activity: provides a table of SharePoint sites sorted by activity level (ActionCount) over a given time interval. You can adjust the time interval in the top right corner of the table.
  • SharePoint Inactive Users: shows a list of Inactive SharePoint users in the selected period.
  • SharePoint Recycle Bin: you can view deleted site collections and see how many days are left before each site collection is permanently deleted. You can refresh the list of deleted SharePoint sites by clicking ‘Refresh Data’ button available above the table. You can restore a deleted site collection from this report after activating management and applying ‘Restore Site From Recycle Bin’ action. For more information check Management paragraph.
  • SharePoint Owners: details all owners for each SharePoint site, this is not available on Microsoft side out of the box.
  • SharePoint Permissions provide details on the SharePoint sites and the relative permissions 
  • SharePoint Navigator provides details information on the SharePoint sites inlcuding Permissions, Size, Creation Date, Modified Date.

Published: 05/23/2019

Updated: 09/02/2020