• Subscription Overview: this table provides data about your purchased licenses. It contains the numbers of your active, consumed, remaining, and suspended license units, as well as any license units flagged with warnings. It also contains details regarding the status of each of your licenses, purchase dates, your number of purchased licenses, and the next bill date. The report gives you the possibility to hide some licenses type from the portal and consequently, it will be removed from all the other reports. The dashboards will consider only visible account SKUs. Please note that the action 'Hide Elements' is visible only for operators with the Tenant Admin role. By default the free licenses are hidden.
  • Subscriptions List: shows the list of available subscriptions along with relative details such as price per unit, active/consumed/remaining/warning and suspended units, etc.
  • Subscriptions History*: shows the history of subscriptions, including price, total licenses, status and next lifecycle date that outlined in:
    • yellow if the next lifecycle date is equal or less than 30 days
    • red if the next lifecycle date is equal or less than 15 days
    • grey if the next lifecycle date is equal or less than 0 day

In the report you will able to save that information and more with the Note linked to a Subscription. This metadata provided by CoreView only allow a user to save additional information to their MS 365 that will save the time spent on searching this information through emails or asking subsidiaries or external agency. 


  • License by User: gives an overview of how your Office 365 licenses are distributed and utilized across your users. It provides each user’s full name, login name, Subscription type, and licenses for Office web apps such as the Exchange license, Skype license, SharePoint license, and Office Professional Plus license. 
  • User Without License: displays a list of user mailboxes without Office 365 licenses. 
  • License Pool: allows you to review the total number of each type of license you have, your consumed vs. assigned licenses and your number of users based on the filter you have chosen during the license pool configuration. This feature also allows you to assign or remove licenses and services across the whole tenant with a single click. CoreView will take care of applying requested changes. 
  • License Pool Costs: includes the costs per user, per License Pool, and the costs for assigned and consumed SKUs.
  • License Pool Snapshots: this report shows how the number of licenses for a particular SKU has changed based on the source – Now (last month license pool) respect to Snapshot (License pool of previous months) and vice versa.
  • Service Usage by License Pool: provides a table illustrating active vs. inactive service usage, grouped by license pool. The table is action-enabled. You can click on the values that appear in blue to view more details.
  • Service Usage: provides a table illustrating service consumption per workload.
  • Software Licenses: provides a table illustrating software license allocation for Office 365 Pro Plus, and other Microsoft software licenses. This table is action-enabled, and you can click on it to view additional details.
  • Microsoft 365 Installations: provides a table with details regarding Machine OS, name, Office major version, last license requested date, and the offer ID for each Login name.
  • Microsoft 365 Active Users: shows two charts representing the number of active users per different service over time, and the number of active vs inactive users per service in the chosen period.
  • License history*: helps customers to track active and consumed units overtime in their tenant by SKU.
  • License Optimization allows users to quickly and visually see what licenses are in use. The report is presented as a histogram that groups users by license utilization by descending order of utilization.   
  • Duplicated Plans lets customers identify duplicated (redundant) license assignments across different licenses (SKUs).
  • Disabled Users provides a list of users with Block Credentials and with a license
  • Microsoft 365 App Usage the report provides the details about which apps and platforms users have used


*Operators can add notes to the subscription/license history rows to track information like purchasing department, agreement number, etc. To add the notes select one or more item, click Action and then Manage Notes.

Any of these reports will not be filtered by V-tenant filter if it's applied by the operator with Global licenses or Tenant admin role.

Published: 05/23/2019

Updated: 03/26/2021