Improving and optimizing your Office 365 account starts with understanding your Office 365 data. CoreView gives you immediate access to integrated parameters that easily identify the status of your account and licenses.

You can use your Office 365™ data to make smart, strategic decisions. CoreView reports give you all the information you need to understand how your Office 365 tenant is performing and to discover new business opportunities.

The reports within the CoreView Portal give you a precise snapshot of your subscriptions without running PowerShell scripts or creating aggregate data with Excel. They also allow you to see and navigate all active services in real-time.

You can see all the following reports in the CoreView Portal:

Operational Reports

  • Office 365 Service Health: provides information on the health of each Office 365 service. If you see any Office 365 service in a state of alert, you can click on it to see any Microsoft status alert messages you may have received. These messages will appear along a timeline. Operators can subscribe to this report and receive notifications that keep you informed about the service health of your Office 365 tenant. 
  • Office 365 Messages: provides a table of all Microsoft status messages received over a given time interval. You can adjust the time interval in the top right corner of the table. You can see more detail by hovering your mouse cursor over data points. Some messages will require specific actions. These actions are flagged in the ‘Action required’ column, along with the date by which the actions must be performed, and the urgency level.                                                                                              To filter the content that appears on a table, type your desired content into the blank boxes above each column. You can also export, print, save, or schedule information to be sent from the table. You can determine the time interval from which you want to send information. You can send information with any desired filters applied. 


  • DirSync Errors: This report shows errors for objects you have synced from your on-premises directory to the cloud.  These are caused by attributes that are required to be unique, like UserPrincipalName and Proxy Address, being added to multiple users, groups, or contacts. To resolve the issue, ensure that the conflicting value only exists on a single object in your company. 

Published: 05/23/2019

Updated: 01/08/2020