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3.B Frequently Asked Questions

The following are a series of the most frequently asked questions.

Q. What file systems can CoreScan read? 

A. CoreScan can read the following file systems:

  • File shares (including NAS drives and cloud hosted file shares and Samba based Unix Systems) 
  • SharePoint Server 
  • SharePoint Online 
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Microsoft One Drive 
  • Exchange Servers
  • Exchange Online 

Q. What type of files can CoreScan read? 

A. CoreScan can read the following types of files: 

  • All Microsoft Office document types (all versions) 
  • One Note files 
  • ZIP files 
  • Image files (we can use optical character recognition to extract text from image files) 
  • Message files such as PST, MSG and EML including their attachments 
  • Text based files such as TXT, RTF, LOG, CSV etc. 
  • XML based files 
  • Web files (HTML, CSS etc.) 
  • PST Archives

Q, What if a file is encrypted? 

A. If CoreScan encounters an encrypted, we report that in our logs, making it easy for you to respond, as needed.


Q. Can you support a new file type that we use? 

A. Yes, we can do this upon request.  To make this request, please log into the CoreView Customer Care portal and open a General Support Case.

Q. How long will it take to scan my files? 

A. There are a lot of variables that will determine how long the initial scanning takes including: the processing power of the server, the source of the files, the type of the files, the number of rules, the bandwidth of the connection (to name just some).  Please see the Full product guide for details on optimising scanning. 

Q. Can I connect my Business Intelligence product to your database?

A. Yes.  Rich, interactive dashboards can easily be created from the information that CoreScan gathers. 

Q. Can I create my own rules?

A. Yes, the manual has full details of creating new rules.  We are also happy to assist in the definition of new rules. 

Q. What is the difference between CoreScan and Microsoft's Data Loss Prevention (DLP) service? 

A. Core Scan differs in the following areas in that CoreScan: 

  • Is able to read from more source systems (DLP is restricted on 0365),
  • Is able to read more types of documents,
  • Includes more rules out of the box than does Microsoft's DLP,
  • Includes artificial intelligence to identify the names of people, organisations and locations, and
  • CoreScan does not require that you purchase or use an E3 or E5 Office 365 licence.

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