CoreView offers our customers pre-built reports covering a wide variety of subjects.  Most of these reports are delivered using a columnar (table) format, and all share the same standard features listed below.  Additionally, a number of reports provide content-specific dashboards, which depend on the type of data featured in the report.

Columns can be:

  • Added, removed, or reordered
  • Sorted ascending or descending with the click of a mouse
  • Reset to the default view

Filtering Columns

  • Simple filtering of any column can be achieved by typing in any value into a column's filter field
  • Advanced filtering can be performed by clicking on the filter icon atop any given column
  • Compound filtering can be achieved by adding filters to more than one column

Exporting and Saving, and Formatting

  • Data can be exported into the standard Excel or PDF formats
  • A report's format can be saved and/or favorited
  • The column selections and order on a saved report can be locked
  • The report can be saved as a KPI report to have a tailored KPI for your environment
  • Tags can be added to one or multiple users
  • Presented data can be analyzed using Pivot functionality
  • Data presented may be hyperlinked to allow access to the relevant underlying detail