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Configuration Overview

Once you have successfully completed your enrollment and registration process, you are ready to start to configure your environment.  As part of the configuration process, there five core steps, which are:

  • Creation of CoreView Tenant Administrators,
  • Creation of Virtual Tenants,
  • Creation of Role-Based Access Controls (permissions)
  • Creation of License Pools, and License Templates
  • Creation of Delegated Operators.

Each of these steps will be covered as a separate Knowledge Resource, found in this section.  Before starting any of configuration activities, we strongly recommend that you review the material provided in the section titled Step 2.  Prerequisites.

I.  The CoreView Management Menu

All of the configuration activities that you will be performing will be accessed through the CoreView Management Menu, which located at the far right side of the menubar, as depicted below and circled in red.  When you click on this, the Management menu will slide out from the right side of the browser display.  You can dismiss the the Management Menu by clicking on clicking on the menu button again.  The majority of the items in the Management Menu are only visible to TenantAdmins.

The Management Menu consists of a number of content areas, listed below.

  • My Profile
  • My Organization
  • Manage Operators 
  • Manage V-Tenants 
  • Manage License Pools 
  • Manage Permissions 
  • Manage License Templates  
  • Manage Custom Dashboards
  • Manage Kpis
  • Audit Log 
  • Configuration Wizard 


Published: 02/25/2019

Updated: 08/25/2020

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