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3.B Common Enrollment Issues

The following are the most common issues that customers experience during initial enrollment and how they are resolved.  If you do encounter these issues, it's usually only once and only during enrollment.  Our Customer Care Team will keep an eye on the progress of your enrollment and will reach out to you with any issues.

I. Issues with Enrollment Credentials

Some issues with problem credentials can only be detected by our Customer Care Team and others you'll notice firsthand.  Below are some of the more common issues.

  • Unable to Edit the First or Surname - Those fields are read-only because they are populated with information coming from the Azure AD account.  If a change is needed, you'll need to edit the account information under Office 365 and then try resuming the registration.  Please keep in mind that there may be a delay before the name change is synchronized to CoreView.
  • Enrollment Credentials do not possess the Global Admin role - You should ask your Global tenant admin to provide you these credentials in order to be able to register the trial. Alternatively, you can ask him/her to create a temporarily Global tenant admin for the trial registration. If you have created a test tenant for trial registration, please wait until the Global Admin account is synchronized on the Office 365 portal and confirm that there is at least one E1 license assigned to the user of the Office 365 portal. 
  • Enrollment Credentials are using MFA - In this case the MFA should disabled on the used account. It can be done temporarily just for the trial registration, and then MFA can be enabled again.
  • Credentials used for the Activation Link and those used for the Verify Credentials step are different - Because the activation step is separate from the initial work to configure your tenant, it's possible for someone to mistakenly use a different set of credentials.  If this happens, it will CoreView to correct the issue in our database.
  • Registration Incomplete - if you completed the form on our website, and then just made the required login with your Microsoft account without completing other wizard steps, then you can always come back to your incomplete registration by simply log into our portal using first login option (work/school account) and the same credentials used during the registration.

II.  Issues with the Initial Data Import

Some issues can only be detected by our Customer Care Team and others you'll notice firsthand.  Below are some of the more common issues.

  • Data Import is Blocked - This can happened if our service accounts were enabled for MFA, then you can either disable MFA on them or configure allowed IP for CoreView Service Accounts.
  • Data Import has Stalled - It can happened that the import is stalled by our side due to a missing notification from the import that process was completed. We are controlling the import process on daily basis, so once we see this case, we activate the first import. Otherwise, you can contact our support teams asking to verify your import.
  • Data Import appears to be Incomplete - CoreView relies on APIs and services provided by Microsoft specifically for the management of Office 365 data; therefore, if data appears to be incomplete, we will rerun a full import for you.  Please note that data used by some CoreView reports may need additional time to fully populate as these are dependent on when Microsoft makes the data available to CoreView.   One example of where you may encounter this is with the Audit Reports.
  • Some of the Imported Data appears to be Incorrect - CoreView relies on APIs and services provided by Microsoft specifically for the management of Office 365 data.  If you feel that you have data in CoreView that appears to be wrong, we'll ask you to compare a sample set of data in CoreView to the same data in Office 365.  In the unlikely event that you do see a discrepancy, we ask that you open a Support Case and provide us with some screen shots or a report that provides the details on the differences.

III.  Cannot Access CoreView after Enrollment

Post-enrollment authentication issues are rare, but they do happen.  They are almost always a result of someone trying to log into CoreView before they have an Operator account created.  Here are some of the more common issues:

  • Invalid CoreView Portal URI - Believe it or not, this does happen from time to time and it's usually due to a typo in the URL.  The correct URL to access your CoreView Tenant is:,
  • No Operator Account - Until Operator accounts are created for your Tenant Admins and any Delegates, no one sill be able to log in. Until you have Operator accounts created, you can only log in using the credentials you used to activate CoreView initially.
  • CoreView is not an Authorized SSO application in your Office 365 tenant - You will not be able to rely on SSO to your Office 365 Tenant unless CoreView has been specifically added as an authorized application.  To perform this authorization, please refer to the Knowledge Resource titled Grant CoreView Permissions in Azure AD [Portal Login Required].


Published: 02/22/2019

Updated: 02/25/20198

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