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1.A. How to Open a Support Case

I.  Overview

From time to time, you may encounter a situation where CoreView is not functioning as it should.  Perhaps you received an error or something just doesn't look right to you and you'd like help from CoreView.  When this type of situation arises, you can open what we refer to as a Support Case, known alternatively as submitting a Ticket.   You should only open a Support Case when CoreView isn't functioning properly or you are unable to access or use CoreView. 

Please refer to the Knowledge Resource titled CoreView Incident and Problem Management for additional information on how CoreView handles reported Issues.

II.  What should I do first?

It's critically important that you perform some basic troubleshooting before you decide to open a Support Case.  Our experience has shown that performing some basic troubleshooting activities can help you pinpoint the source of the issue allowing you to resolve the issue on your own.  Moreover, in performing these steps, you'll gather important information that can help our Customer Care Team get to a satisfactory resolution sooner.  

Depending on the issue you are encountering, you may want to see if we have issued any Service Health alerts.  If we have, the alert could be related to the issue you encountered.  If so, you can choose to Follow the Service Health forum so you are altered not only to any change in status for the existing alert, but you'll also be notified should any new alerts be published. A link to a CoreView Service Health forum can be found below.

It's important that you include the results of your troubleshooting efforts in the Description section of the Support Case so that our Customer Care Team will have this information.  If you have not performed any initial troubleshooting, please be aware that we'll likely ask you to go ahead and perform those steps in our initial response to your Support Case.

We also suggest that you search our Knowledge Base to see if a Knowledge Resource has been published to address the issue you have encountered, or look into the Community to see if there is already-existing information on this issue.

III. How do I open a Support Case?

Customers are asked to open a Support Case using our cloud-based Customer Care Portal (   You must first be registered before you can log into the Portal to open a Support Case.  If you feel you should have access to the Portal and do not, please reach out to your CoreView Account Team.  When you open a Support Case using the Portal. you are prompted to answer a small number of questions the answers to which help us automate the initial review and ensure that the Support Case is assigned to the team that is best equipped to help resolve your issue.

Customers do have the option of opening a Support Case by sending an email to; however, Support Cases opened by email will receive a default priority of Low, until such time as our Customer Care Team have gathered enough information from you to prioritize the Support Case. 

IV.  What information do I need to provide?

In the table below, you'll find a list of the fields that are part of a Support Case as well as a short description of each.  When you select the value Issue for Type of Support Case, you'll notice that several additional fields will appear.  This is because this information is related only to an Issue.  When opening a Support Case, it's important that you provide as much detail as possible.

V. What happens after I submit the Support Case?

Once you submit the Support Case, several actions will occur.  

  • First, you'll receive an email notification from Customer Care to confirm that you have opened a Support Case with a brief recap of the information provided by you.
  • Next, based on the information you provided, the initial priority will be set and the ticket will be routed to an agent for review.

If, based on the information you have provided, the Priority of your Support Case is Urgent or High, someone from your Account Team will be contacting you to gather more information and to validate the Priority.  If a Priority of Urgent or High cannot be substantiated by the Customer, CoreView reserves the right to alter the Priority to Medium, which is the default Priority.  Any such change will be documented in the Support Case.

VI. When will someone from CoreView work on my issue?

Our Customer Care team will work on Issues based on Priority and Date Received (first in, first out).


Published: 01/15/2019

Updated: 02/23/2019

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