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Activating your CoreView Tenant

I. Overview

This resource is designed to help you understand the activation (enrollment) process.  Please note that if you are a Trial Customer, please skip to section IVTrial Customers Only.  CoreView will assist all new customers through the activation process.  This typically takes around fifteen minutes and happens during the initial onboarding meeting.    

II.  Prerequisites 

Please be aware of the following prerequisites.  These apply only to the activation process.

  • Activation Account - You must use a valid Microsoft Office 365 organizational account, meaning one that is associated with a work or school account.  The best practice is to use a  mail-enabled, cloud-only account, such as one that ends in  The use of any accounts associated with,,,, and so on will cause the activation process to fail.
  • Required Permissions - The account used for the initial activation must be granted the Global Admin role in Office 365.  Accounts that are lacking the Global Admin role will cause the activation process to fail.
  • Screen Sharing - As part of the activation process, we'll be asking you to screen share so we can walk you through the process.  If you are an Office 365 customer who does not happen to have Teams available, please let us know so we can make arrangements for an alternative, such as WebEx.

III. The Activation Process

Initial Steps

  • We'll be asking you to provide us the UPN of the account you plan to use for enrollment.  
  • Once we have that, we will generate a unique enrollment link that we will share with you.

Complete the Activation Request

  • Open a Incognito browser session in Chrome.
  • Paste the link into the Incognito browser session's address window and hit Enter.
  • You'll then be presented with the standard Microsoft cloud login dialog.  Login using the same Activation Account you provided earlier. 
  • Once you log in, you'll be presented with semi-transparent "Free Trial" activation dialog.  You don't need to be concerned that it says "Free trial." You need to accept the Terms and Conditions to proceed. You'll be also asked to select the data center*. 
  • Once you accept Terms and Conditions,  you'll then be asked to give your consent to the CoreView application to allow CoreView to import the key meta-data that CoreView uses to help you manage your Office 365 environment. Please proceed again with the login and accept the requirements to proceed.
  • Once you give the registration consent, you'll be asked to provide the integration API consent. So, you'll be prompted with the list of permissions requested. 
  • Once accepted the requested permissions, you'll be presented with the 'Data import' started screen. You can close now the session as the import process can take some hours. You'll receive an email once it's finished.

* Because CoreView serves customers globally, you'll find that you can select from a number of various data centers.  Please take care with your selection because this cannot be reversed once your activation is complete.   If you are a federal, state or local government entity, CoreView will send you a specific link which allows to select GCC data center , so please do not proceed with the trial registration in case GCC data center is not available among the options.

Once you receive an email regarding the import completed, you can log into CoreView portal as you have successfully activated your CoreView Tenant.  Job well done!  There are more steps to follow and we'll be here to assist you.

IV. Trial Customers Only

  • If you are seeking a CoreView Trial, please contact your Account Representative for information on how to proceed with the Trial Enrollment process.  You do not need to take any further action. 
  • If you have recently purchased CoreView and were previously a Trial Customer, you can expect to be contacted by a member of our Customer Success staff to start you on the onboarding process.

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