The license pool report is filled with the data after the configuration of license pools1.

After the initial license pools configuration the number of assigned licenses will be equal to the number of consumed licenses for the selected SKUs per each license pool. While the number of Spare licenses (Assigned - Consumed) is equal to 0.

If the SKUs were not selected during the license pool configuration, these SKUs will be available to be managed by your operators in the limit of the whole availability. Thus, they can manage all of the licenses available of unselected SKus.  

License Pool Report after initial license pools configuration

Frequently, the CoreView tenant admins join the license pools to avoid duplicates. In our example, the tenant admin should delete IT and MI license pools and join it with Italy license pool1. This action lead to having negative number for license pool Italy. As we deleted two license pools, their users and the licenses consumed by these users will move to Italy license pool where the number of licenses assigned remains the same as per initial configuration. 

License Pool with negative numbers

The negative numbers for licenses also can appear if the licenses were assigned directly on Office 365 portal, so the number of consumed licenses has increased while the number of assigned licenses remained the same. Another case when the number of spare licenses became negative is when the effected SKU has the status Suspended2.

CoreView tenant admin can avoid having negative numbers by simply assigning more licenses of effected SKU per license pool, thus giving the opportunity to CoreView operators to assign these licenses. To change the number of assigned licenses the CoreView tenant admin can either edit existing license pool using Manage license poolsfunction or directly in the License Pool Report. The second method is preferred as CoreView tenant admin has an overview of licenses of specific SKU assigned among different license pools. 

To edit the number of assigned license inside of specific license pool you should click on '' edit icon in front of the license pool name, then click on 'V' save icon to save the changes or on 'X' icon to discard any of them. After clicking on editing icon, the number of assigned licenses became editable, and you can modify them3

 License Pool Report: editing number of assigned licenses

The green arrow will appear close to the number of assigned licenses that are more than number of consumed licenses to give the evidence of license availability.

License Pool Report: License pool with adjusted number of assigned licenses


We advice the tenant admin to make a periodical check of the License Pool report and adjust the number of assigned licenses to avoid negative numbers as this can lead to the problem of license assignment. 

Foot notes:

  1. Please consult our user manual to see how to Manage license pools: configure license pools, add new, edit, delete license pool.
  2. The licenses status can be checked in Subscriptions History report. 
  3. If you cannot modify the number of assigned licenses of certain SKUs, it means you did not include these SKUs during the initial license pool configuration. You can check it by editing any of existing license pool using Manage license pools function and checking License Pool tab. The SKUs selected during the initial license pool configuration are visible under this tab, while in the License Pool report we show all the SKUs but do not let editing the ones not selected during initial configuration. To add these SKUs and set the limit of assigned licenses per license pool, please use Manage license pools function > Manage > Configure > SKUs > select SKUs to be added