Problem: Data on in the OneDrive, SharePoint, and Exchange report is anonymous.  

Starting September 1st 2021 Microsoft is applying a change to Microsoft 365 usage analytics to pseudonymize user-level information by default.  

This change affects the following reports: 

  • Dashboard 
  • OneDrive Dashboard 
  • Consumption Dashboard 
  • Skype dashboard 
  • Teams Dashboard 
  • Microsoft 365 Active users 
  • Service Usage 
  • Microsoft 365 Apps Usage 
  • Top Senders and Receivers 
  • Mail traffic by user 
  • Low traffic mailboxes 
  • Recipients by type 
  • Exchange Email Activity 
  • Exchange Email App Usage 
  • Skype Activity 
  • P2P activity 
  • Conference organizer activity 
  • Conference participant activity 
  • Device usage 
  • Devices 
  • Teams Users activity 
  • Teams Device Usage 
  • SharePoint activity 
  • OneDrive activity over time 
  • OneDrive activity 
  • OneDrive Statistics 
  • OneDrive shared with external users 
  • Yammer Activity 
  • Yammer device usage 

The information in the report is displayed in the anonymous formats as per the example below:  


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Note: To perform these steps, you must be an Office 365 tenant administrator. 

  • Go to 
  • Go to Settings,Org Settings, and then Reports
  • Disable the Display concealed user, group, and sitenames in all reports setting.


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If this option is enabled, we receive hashed data, and we are unable to update statistics.